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Sears Holdings Corporation Kmart Pharmacy Wins 2010 RxIMPACT Leader of the Year!
October 30, 2019 by NACDS
At this years Pharmacy and Technology Conference, NACDS announced Sears Holdings Corporation Kmart Pharmacy as the 2010 RxIMPACT Leader of the Year for its efforts to send letters to both state and federal policymakers through the RxIMPACT website to promote pro-pharmacy healthcare.

“Today, more than ever, policymakers are making critical decisions that affect the lives as well as the livelihood of their constituents. In some cases, legislators may not have the best possible information, or may be misguided by special interest groups,” said Howard Kramer, RPh, Director of Pharmacy HR & Government Affairs at Sears Holdings Corporation Kmart Pharmacy who accepted the award. “At Kmart Pharmacy, we think it is critical for these policymakers to hear from those constituents that have inside knowledge about how new laws and regulations will affect the general public as well as the profession of pharmacy.”

Sears Holdings Corporation Kmart Pharmacy distributed nearly twenty 2010 RxIMPACT Calls to Action to its pharmacy team -- sharing their outreach efforts with NACDS on a regular basis. Their efforts to personalize these Calls to Action inspired their pharmacy team to send thousands of letters over the course of this competition. Sears Holdings Corporation Kmart Pharmacy showed exemplary efforts at a time pro-pharmacy healthcare reform needed powerful advocates.

“RxIMPACT is an efficient and effective way to influence policy makers and give the profession of pharmacy a seat at the policymaking table,” said Kramer. “Our pharmacists understand the importance of grass roots efforts, and RxIMPACT, because we continue to communicate this message throughout our organization. Many of our pharmacists have later called or written us to tell us, sometimes in surprise, that they received a nice letter in return from their legislator. These pleasant surprises support what we have told them, that pharmacists really can help legislators understand how their efforts affect the practice of pharmacy. It makes them realize that they really can influence legislators and have a positive impact on laws that affect the profession of pharmacy.”

While NACDS honors Sears Holdings Corporation Kmart Pharmacy, it also celebrates the work of all competing companies, including 2009 RxIMPACT Leader of the Year award recipient SUPERVALU INC. The award was announced, August 28, 2010.

Thinking about better engaging your team in RxIMPACT advocate letterwriting? “Make sure your pharmacists understand first of all, just how simple it is to take action with RxIMPACT. Help them realize that their efforts really do make a difference,” said Kramer. “Also, consider having a speaker from NACDS present at your pharmacy meetings to demonstrate the tools and answer questions.”
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