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Oppose Anti-Repairer and Anti-Consumer Oklahoma Legislation

Oklahoma Senate Bill (SB) 1853 - called the "Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Repair Consumer Protection Act" -  would unfairly penalize independent automotive repairers and make it harder for them to return their customers' vehicles to a safe operating condition. Auto repairers in Oklahoma are now banding together to fight back. You can join this effort and educate your elected representatives by sending them a letter using this easy-to-use website. 

The list of reasons to oppose SB 1853 is long. 

A summary of JUST THE MOST EGREGIOUS provisions:

  • Charges assessed by a tower or wrecker must be passed on to the responsible party without a repairer charging a markup even though the repairer assumes risk and labor costs for in-taking the vehicle.
  • Repairers cannot charge storage fees for a vehicle that a shop has finished repairing.
  • Repairers cannot charge storage fees for a total-loss vehicle until the insurance company determines the vehicle to be a total-loss, and only from the moment of such determination can storage fees begin to accrue.
  • Repairers cannot charge more than $39/day for indoor storage fees for vehicles less than 20 feet long.
  • Vehicle disassembly cannot exceed 4-hours to complete nor cost more than $60/hour.
  • Administrative activities cannot take more than 4-hours to complete nor cost more than $60/hour. “Administrative” charges include parts identification, COVID or bio-cleaning, pre-repair diagnostic scans, researching and creating a repair plan, securing removed parts, moving vehicles from different locations, etc.

Now is the time to make your voice heard. The auto repair community is powerful when we speak as a united voice. Be part of this effort by telling your state senator and representative to oppose this misguided and harmful bill. 

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