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Federal Child Care Guidance (The Child Care & Development Block Grant)


New Jersey Child Care Background Resources:


New Jersey Child Care Subsidy Policies

Dept. of Human Services, Division of Family Development, Subsidy Guidance


Background Checks for Child Care Providers (Title 30:5B)

Child Care Center Background Checks

  • Section 30:5B-6.2 - License conditional upon check of child abuse records.
  • Section 30:5B-6.3 - Written consent for check of records.
  • Section 30:5B-6.4 - Notification to division to conduct check of records; results (Child Abuse Registry Check Results)
  • Section 30:5B-6.5 - Completion of check (45 days, Child Abuse Registry)
  • Section 30:5B-6.6 - Incidents considered. (Child abuse record appeals)
  • Section 30:5B-6.7 - Rules, regulations pertaining to child abuse record information checks
  • Section 30:5B-6.8 - Report to Governor, Legislature (related to child abuse record checks and recommendations for reform)
  • Section 30:5B-6.9 - Fee charged to staff member; disposition (related to child abuse record checks)
  • Section 30:5B-6.10 - Definitions relative to criminal history record background checks for child care center staff
  • Section 30:5B-6.11 - Criminal history record background check required for licensure
  • Section 30:5B-6.12 - Noncompliance; penalties (relating to refusing to obtain a criminal history check)
  • Section 30:5B-6.13 - Request for criminal history record background check, time limits, restrictions upon employees
  • Section 30:5B-6.14 - Record of conviction for certain offenses, disqualification from employment; challenge
  • Section 30:5B-6.15 - Termination of current staff member; exceptions
  • Section 30:5B-6.16 - Pending criminal charges notification
  • Section 30:5B-6.17 - Immunity from liability for child care center
  • Section 30:5B-6.19 - Report to Governor, Legislature (related to criminal history record checks and recommendations for reform)
  • Section 30:5B-6.20 - Responsibilities of department (responsibility of the department to fund the cost of criminal history checks)
  • Section 30:5B-6.21 - Rules, regulations (authority for regulations with regard to background checks)


Family Child Care Home Background Checks

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